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Services Offered by KeyChain Locksmiths

Your Go-To Locksmith Company

KeyChain Locksmith Services is undoubtedly the leading locksmith company in all of Kansas City and potentially the entire Missouri area. We are dedicated to providing top quality locksmith services to all our clients, and you can count on us to always deliver. Here are some of the services we have on offer. Find more information here.

Residential Services 

We serve residential clients and provide an array of locksmith services. Some of them include servicing of door locks; which covers installation, repairs, replacement and maintenance, duplication of house keys, help with lockout situations, installation, and servicing of keypad door locks, mailbox locks, and also safe lockouts among other services. See here for information about Techniques You Can Use to Get A Competent Locksmith.

Commercial Services 

For our commercial clients, you can count on us for rekeying of locks, installation of new locks and security features, servicing of keypad door locks, and also duplication of office keys. You can always count on our team of experts to get the job done.

Automotive Services 

We also have car owners covered with our full range of auto services. We can help in lockout situations, retrieving a broken key from the cylinder, programming of key fobs, duplication of car keys, and so much more.

In case of any emergencies, simply call us on (816) 354-0700.

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