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What to Do When Your Car Keys Get Stuck in The Ignition

There are various reasons as to why your car keys could get stuck in the ignition slot. They vary from simple oversight to a more sinister problem that needs professional attention. Either way, panicking would only cause more damage, for example, the key breaking and leaving a piece inside the cylinder. Something that would have been avoided very easily. Here is what you should do. Visit this link for more information.

Make Sure the Car Is In “Park” Mode

Cars with an automatic transmission have a safety feature where the key remains locked unless the gear is set to “park,” and it is only then when you can remove the key. Therefore, when you notice the key is stuck, make sure that is not the reason. See here for information about Why Regular Maintenance of Your Door Locks Is Important.

Check If the Battery Is Dead

Another safety feature that locks the car key in place when the computer is not receiving power. Checking if the battery is dead is as easy as switching the headlights; if they do not go on, then the battery is dead, and that’s the problem.

Contact Your Locksmith 

If you’ve checked everything and nothing is conclusive, then it’s time to call an auto locksmith. They have the tools to extract the key without causing any damage.

KeyChain Locksmiths can help you during such situations. Simply give us a call on (816) 354-0700.

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