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Why Keypad Locks Are A Good Option for Office Locks

Pros of Keyless Systems

Keypad door locks have proven to be the best and most convenient ways to ensure the security of our business premises. Most business owners are upgrading from the traditional and installing various kinds of keypad door locks to boost the security of their business places. This is because of the many advantages that a keyless system comes with. Here are some of the reasons why you should also go keyless. Learn information about Kansas City, MO .

Integration with Access Control Systems

Keypad door locks can be used as part of an access control system where management can restrict movement into the business premise during certain hours. Even with the right code, only instructions from the central control system can overwrite the setting. Click here to read about Things You Need Duplicate Keys For.


With keypad door locks, the need for keys is eliminated. No need to carry them around, keep track of spares or change locks every time someone loses their keys. Guests can also be given a temporary code that they can use for the time they are authorized entry.

Better Security

Keypad locks cannot be picked or bumped to force entry, and this makes them way more secure than conventional locks.

If you need help with the installation of your keypad door locks, contact KeyChain Locksmiths today on (816) 354-0700.

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