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3 Door Lock Problems That Should Not Be Ignored

Door Lock problems can take place from time-to-time. Every houseowner needs to deal with door lock problems at some time during their life. And such kinds of door lock problems need to be avoided. How? Hiring a commercial or residential locksmith will do the job. But most people don’t prefer calling a professional locksmith. There are various door lock problems that you must never ignore. And if not addressed at the right time, they can grow into a serious issue. Here are the following 3 door lock problems that you must never ignore.

1. Broken Key

And that’s a serious issue. What if the key just breaks in your lock? Most of the people just try to solve this problem by themselves instead of hiring a professional for the job. All that’s needed to be done is remove off the broken part. That’s what people think. However, without proper tools, it’s a disaster. While doing so, people just simply break off their locks further.

2. Loose Door Handles, Locks Or Knobs

Sometimes, the door locks, handles or knobs can get loose and not hold together. Each and every small piece is necessary in order to ensure that the lock is fully working. If one of them stops, then the lock stops working correctly. A lock repair or replacement is necessary for such condition. Over the years, the lock can easily loosen and fail naturally. And this is a usual case for the exterior door locks. They are used frequently and can easily loosen over time. And in such cases, you need to apply great attention to the problem. This problem could sometimes get serious over time and keep you locked out of your house.

However, such kinds of issues can be easily detected. Each and every time that anyone uses the lock, the person would understand that there's an issue. It's the screws that give away. You can easily detect it as they get rusted over time. Other components that could be troubling is the spindle that connects the set screw, two halves of the door as well as the fastener.

3. Turning Lock Cylinder

In case a person inserts the key in the lock and turns it, the locking, and the unlocking must take place immediately. In case it doesn't, it’s time for a lock change. What if the whole lock cylinder turns? This is a warning! The lock needs professional help. It’s one of the simplest problems with the locks that can be diagnosed easily. And as soon as you observe this problem, you must take the assistance of a professional locksmith in your area.


In case you notice such kinds of problems with your door locks, its time to contact a trusted professional. And contacting Keychain Locksmith Kansas City can simply do the job for you. You just need to head over to our website and hire professional locksmith near you!

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