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Kansas, MO Breweries

Kansas is bountiful of breweries, and when you come to town, don't forget to take a tour of the expansive breweries after a visit to the museums and other fun stuff. Kansas is a great city to sharpen your brewing skills and join a hundred other people in crafting affordable beers. Let us take a tour of the breweries and taste a few flavors. Find further facts here.


A jewel spot and a landmark in Kansas, Boulevard, is more than a brewery with which Kansas locals and outsiders identify. It is one of the largest breweries in the Midwest and ships its products in almost every state. There are several drinking spots onsite, and you will be proud if you taste a drink here. Read about Elevated Luxury Fun in Kansas, MO here.

Cane Breweries

Beer flavors here are Euro-styled with the amazing beer-making process; you can only learn when you come to town. You will be sure to sip the crane within the brewery compound.

Bier Co

Bier Co offers specific craft beers with authentic German tastes, so this will be your best brewery if you are a German or you just like German stuff. Beer making products are imported from Germany, but be sure the result is indeed a local taste.

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