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What should you do when you accidentally lock yourself out of your house?

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve come back home from the office after a long tiring day and suddenly you realize that you don’t have your house keys in your pockets or even in your bag? Well, it would be prudent to mention that you aren’t alone, we all have been through this difficulty. We exactly understand what it feels like to be locked out of your house with no way to get inside. To save you from such a situation, we have an ultimate solution for opening a locked door with these effective tips which you can easily follow when you’re locked out of your house.

Make an effort to go around the house and check if you accidentally kept any door or window open. This way you can enter via that opening and unlock the front door. Check all the doors, garages, or windows for an opening. If your house has a window that is slightly open, then try removing the screen to open the window. If your house has a garage try opening it with a remote if you have your car keys.

If you are residing in a townhouse, you won’t have more choices like backdoors or windows. If the weather is pleasant, you might have left a back or side door open, then you can access it otherwise there is no such option.

Call family members, landlord, or anyone close who might have a spare key

You can contact your friends, family members, or the landlord for help in this situation. They might have the spare keys to your house. You can also approach your neighbors if you have left your cell phone inside. The house management or the landlord might charge you with additional fees to fetch another key but that’ll be absolutely worth it.

It is a great idea to offer someone you trust a spare key if an event something like this occurs. And if you are renting, the landlord or the property manager has definitely had experience with previous tenants running into a similar situation and will be able to help you out.

Neighbors can help with effective tools or enable you to have access to phones for contacting the person who can help. The neighbors might help you get in the house with a ladder, screwdriver, or some bobby pins. They can also help by offering you a wire coat hanger or paperclip which you can utilize to open the lock.

After exhausting all solutions to get back inside on your own, you may have tried to jimmy your own lock to gain access, but it’s crucial that you stop doing this. By trying to break into your own house, you face the risk of damaging the lock. This not only could indicate further expenses to now get it unlocked, but you also risk the integrity of the lock itself, thus compromising on the security of your house.

This method will only work if you don’t have a deadbolt engaged. And if your front door does not have a handle that can be simply removed, it would be best to seek the help of a professional. Ask for help from your neighbors and see if they have screwdrivers. Make sure that you understand what types of screws are on the doorknob. In most situations, the Flathead or Philips screwdriver works well. This method is a bit slow, but if done correctly, it won’t cause any damage to the door.

If the door has a spring latch, then using a laminated card may work well. To open the door, slide the card in between the frame and door and keep the other hand on the handle. Press on the door with the hand holding the handle to develop additional space between the frame and door, enabling the card to fit in. Tilt the card towards the doorknob, so that it goes further in the gap. Then, bend the card in the opposite direction, allowing it to slip underneath the latch. Apply adequate pressure to the handle when you feel like there is some give from moving the card around and hope that the door opens.

When it comes to unlocking a door, it is best to connect with professionals. This is where we at Locksmith Kansas City come into the picture. Kansas City Locksmiths are one of the best out there and we shall ensure that you get the best team of professional locksmiths for your troubles. Over time we have developed a good team of experienced professionals who will get you out of panic in circumstances such as the ones listed above. Next time you require a locksmith for your work make sure you contact us. With customer satisfaction as our priority, we will make sure that you get the best service out there for your needs.

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