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7 Home Security Lessons for Children Home Alone

We understand that leaving your kids home can be a nerve-wracking feeling which becomes difficult to handle. But it is a necessary step to follow when you have demanding jobs and your children are growing up. You need to be prepared if you are willing to leave them back home. Make sure that you follow the below-mentioned steps to offer better security lessons to your kids:

Lock the safety hazards

These can be dangerous to kids thus make sure that the home is safe and these items are locked before you leave your kid alone. Make sure that items like medicines, knives, tools and other potential dangers are out of reach.

Detail an emergency list

Prepare a list including emergency numbers, family phone numbers and small details like where the first aid kit is situated. Make sure that they are aware of what they need to do in case something important or harm pops up.

Understand when they are ready

You need to understand the age of your kid when they are ready to be independent. We recommend that you should not leave kids below 16 years of age home alone overnight as it can be dangerous. If you’re going out, make sure that the kid is accompanied by an older family member in the house.

Spare keys

Always inform your kids about the spare keys which are hidden at secret places so that they can act quickly if they are in danger. They can lock up, even if they have lost their own keys.

Demonstrate the locking system

Make sure that your children know how to use the locking system to avoid burglars. Instruct them to always keep the front and back doors and windows locked when you’re away. Inform them how to manage pets, set the security alarm and also leave the lights on till you’re back.

Install home security systems

For reassurance purposes, it is best to install home security cameras so that you can keep a track of all the activities around the house when you’re away. This way you can always stay calm and secured by knowing that your children are safely back home.

Stranger danger

Young kids are very vulnerable and impressionable thus it is best to teach them never to talk to strangers especially the ones who knock on the doors when parents are away. In most situations, kids open the door whenever someone rings without thinking twice. Tell your children to always check who’s at the door before opening it.

Still curious if you should leave your kids alone back at home? Well, to be more secure get in touch with Keychain Locksmith Kansas City, where we can efficiently install a home security system for you that offers a comprehensive approach to keeping the children safe at all times. We believe that safety and security come first and thus, connect with us to understand more about effective home security systems, monitoring, and other safety products.

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