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7 Ways to Maximize Home Security, Recommended by Experts

The alarming rate of break-ins and intrusion is very concerning. With well-equipped criminals put there, you need to up your security in terms of more than just security doors and locks. With lock snapping technology, even the most unskilled criminal can break in and loot your household. Therefore, we bring some security tricks from experts that can help you better secure your house.

1. CCTV Surveillance

Investing in security cameras and smart doors id a great to prevent intruders. With features such as identification and alerting the owner, you can keep a track of potential intruders and outsiders. With advanced technology, you can have two-way sound cameras with motion detectors for an efficient security system.

2. Leave the lights on

A very effective way to deter intrusion is by creating an illusion that you’re still home. Usually, when you leave your house, you switch off all the lights and radio but it is advised to leave some lights and TV on so that criminals are shooed away. With your presence, they will have second thoughts about breaking into your house.

3. Advanced lighting

When it is dark, the intruders strike. As to fight out the possibility of a potential break-in, install sensory lighting around your house to place any outsider. Once your lights are moving around it, you will have the intruder, caught completely off guard. It is good to have monitors and sensory lights installed in your garden or outside the area to detect a trespasser.

4. Secure the Access points

It is advised to keep our possible entry points well secured and locked. Even things such as keys and locks must be well far away from the criminal’s reach. Avoid leaving unattended open doors and windows. Things can go south if doors and windows are left open.

5. Neighbor Check

United as a community, you can easily keep a check on your house. By pooling in yours and your neighbor’s resources, you are now able to better secure your home from intruders, etc.

6. Have a unique mark for your property

Make valuable items with police accredited forensic marking. Through this, you can prove your ownership very easily when valuable goods are stolen. This technology allows the property to be tracked back to your house ensuring no loss of property.

7. Let your boundaries be visible

Contrary to the popular belief that high walls and bushes tend to secure your house, it is better to have low fencing and trimmed bushes so as to be able to locate the intruders. High fences can be quite benefitting for the criminals to keep a watch on your property and easily ide things. The precautionary measure should be taken to avoid mishaps.

Do you feel secure in your house? We understand you have questions, what to invest in and where to find a one-stop solution market? Well, worry not. Keychain Locksmith Services is here to answer all your queries. We take up the role of helping homeowners to achieve their goal of foolproof security. From fast dispatching to assured quality and reliance, we are the fast-growing company for all home security solutions.

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