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Belton - The Town That Doesn't Suffer From Unemployment

Belton, MO is located in northwest Cass County, Kansas, in the state of Missouri. The population in Belton was 21,611 at the 2020 census. It's located within the Kansas City metro area. The town is known for having a low crime rate and has been named as the number one place to live in the area. Click here for facts about Kansas City, MO.

As the town's economy improves and tourism increases, Belton's shopping malls and restaurants are opening up. Belton's population is also expanding, which has helped increase business in the area. Many of the Belton businesses are owned by the same family that owns the Belton hotels, restaurants, and shops. The Belton Chamber of Commerce is located in the same building as many of Belton's small businesses. Information about Schools In Birmingham, Missouri can be found here.

Belton has a lot to offer the traveler and tourist. It boasts a variety of things to do, including horseback riding, fishing, hunting, camping, tennis, and golf. The area has two large, state parks - the Ozark National Forest and Lake Ray Hubbard State Park. Belton's economy depends on tourism. The number one reason that people come to Belton is for a visit to the Ozark National Forest. It has a lot of history, and some of the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. For more information, you can take a look at some of the websites listed below.

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