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Benefits of Installing A Keypad Door Lock

Why You Should Go for Keyless Systems

With the digital age upon us, most homeowners are moving away from the traditional key and lock systems and adopting the new and modern keypad door locks. This is owed to the numerous benefits that keyless systems come with. Security experts have predicted that within the next decade, close to seventy percent of homeowners will have jumped on this horse. Here is why you should too. Further facts about City of Kansas City, MO can be found here.

Added Security

Keypad door locks eliminate the risk of anyone duplicating your keys to gain unauthorized entry. All you have to do is change the code anytime you suspect it may have fallen into the wrong hands. Information about Why You Should Choose KeyChain Locksmiths can be found here.


With keyless systems, you do not have to worry about forgetting your keys or losing them altogether. All you have to do is remember the code, and you are good to go. In addition, there is no need to change the locks when you want to restrict entry; it is as easy as changing the codes.


Keypad systems are made from more robust hardware and are less frequently subjected to any friction that would cause wearing out. On the other hand, the traditional locks wear out a lot and therefore require constant maintenance and eventual replacement.

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