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Blue Summit - Information About the Town and the Neighborhood

Blue Summit, MO is located in Independence County, near the southernmost edge of Kansas City. It's an unincorporated town lodged between Johnson County and Kansas City in Jackson County, Mo., United States. It is in the southwest portion of Kansas City, Missouri. A census taker reported that the population of this town is 1,611 as of the year 2020, which is higher than the census of Jackson County. The area's demographics seem to support it's growing popularity with the increase of people who move in or have moved to the area. More can be found here.

Blue Summit has lots of restaurants, shopping areas, parks, and other recreational activities. Blue Summit offers a variety of things for everyone. Children and adults enjoy their community. Families can take a trip to the playground for some fun and refreshment. The children can play in the lake or in the sand next to the playground and then enjoy a picnic together. See here for information about Where To Look For A Home In Craig.

There are many outdoor activities available around Blue Summit. The children can spend their free time in the playground playing in the water or around the water. Some of the activities include water splashing, boating, riding ATVs, and fishing. Adults can walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the view from the houses around the street. They can walk down to the Lake and have a picnic. When the weather is nice, they can get out on the water and go fishing for some really good catch. There are also a variety of places for a walk, bike ride, or a bicycle tour around the neighborhood.

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