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Go-Green in Kansas, MO

Incredible natural wonders are hidden all over Kansas, waiting for you to explore if you prefer the green side of fun. Nature parks are the epicenter for a glimpse of natural wonders with botanical gardens and conservatories, offering even a better touch on nature. Here are a few parks to interact with green life. See more here.

Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden

This privately owned and free for public view park has beautiful nature that will amaze you. There are so many butterflies and other small creatures to see in the park with beautiful flower gardens and other unusual plants. See here for information about Kansas, MO Is A Food Paradise.

Swope Park

Everyone in Kansas, can name this as the top park in town to go to if you want to enjoy the green leafy side of nature. Different magical and beautiful trees, plants, and flowers are all laid at this vast establishment for you to see.

Ernie Miller Nature Center

This awe-inspiring park has everything to do with nature. The gorgeous park features beautiful walk trails with amazing green covers that will keep you going for more. Visitors also interact with birds and other smaller animals. Flower girls will not fail to notice a few flower beds scattered in the park where you can smell or blend your photo backgrounds.

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