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Grandview - Home to Several Residents

Grandview, MO is a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. It is situated west of Highway 72 and south of Lawrence. The population in Grandview was only 24,479 at the 2020 census. It is part of the greater Kansas City area. The population density is around 7 people per acre. Information can be found here.

Kansas City has several large suburbs. The largest being Kansas City Southwest. This suburb is made up of several communities such as Bridgeton, Maplewood, and Shawnee Hills. Bridgeton and Maplewood are home to many businesses such as banks and shopping centers. Shawnee Hills is home to the Kansas Jaycees, which is the major political party in Kansas. Bridgeton is located between Bridgeton and Kansas City. Maplewood is a suburb just outside of Bridgeton. Read about Greenwood - Living in an Excellent Community here.

Bridgeton is located in the southwest corner of Kansas City along I-435. Maplewood is located on Kansas Highway 72 between Bridgeton and Kansas City. Shawnee Hills is a small subdivision just north of Bridgeton. The largest subdivision in Bridgeton is called Riverdale where there are three communities. Bridgeton has many businesses to provide employment for the residents. Grandview, MO is home to many residents that work in the area of Bridgeton, Kansas City, and Shawnee Hills, Kansas City.

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