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How Does a Master Key Work?

Well-organized locks are one of the best lines of defense for any house or business. The topmost motives for break-in attempt usually include meager security systems, open windows or doors, or negligible security. With more mindfulness on security systems, nowadays individuals are searching for substitute means to approach their security systems. Some popular security systems which have been introduced in the market are master lock systems, also known as master key systems.

While one cannot unavoidably stop all potential criminals, they can easily take steps to cut the risk with a protected lock-and-key system. A Master Lock System can shorten the process of security for your house and corporate in the long run.

What exactly is a Master Lock System?

A Master Lock System is an exclusive locking system that offers a precise level of access for each set of keys. The key with the highest level of access can open all the doors in a specific facility while the other keys may have access only to specific doors contingent on the authorization level.

Positive points

1. These key systems often use pin Tumbler locks.

2. This is a system that permits two or more keys to open a single lock.

3. Pin Tumbler master locks make use of a master pin in between the driver pin and the key pin.

How does it operate?

The idea of a master lock system is to have multiple keys that have certain assigned levels of access depending on the key holder’s role in the business. For instance, the CEO can have the key with access to all the doors, but on the other hand, the office manager will have the key with the access to all the doors other than that of the CEO.

What kind of locking system is required?

Most of the master lock systems is a basic pin tumbler lock. This lock operates by making the key grooves to correspond to the precise positions of the driver pins in the lock. As the key goes into the tumbler lock it has to fit precisely in order for the key to rotate properly.

What is the kind of keys in a Master System?

In a master key system, there are numerous kinds of keys, each of which allows a diverse level of access to the building. First is the change key, which is at the lowest level of the system, and opens one lock. Such a key mostly opens all the entrance locks to the building. Next in line is the Master key, which opens numerous locks in the group. The master key can be as complex or simple as you require it to be. The levels are mostly based on the building size, along with the amount of control you require to have over the work areas, and who must have access to these areas.

For more information or if you’re interested in having a master key system installed at your place of business, then connect with Keychain Locksmith Kansas City. We have the capability and the skills required to work with you to develop a sturdy and safe system that is efficient and simple to use.

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