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Jazz Heritage in Kansas, MO

Kansas for a long time has been referred to as the Jazz City, up to now, jazz music is so popular with the city's locals and hundreds of jazz music artists trace their biological roots here. If you wish to listen to some jazz music or learn about this music genre, head to these spots for interactive and informative sessions. Find more information here.

American Jazz Museum

Next to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museums stands this spectacular museum where you can learn about the birth of jazz music in Kansas. Interactive exhibits are here for you, including listening to custom tunes and mixes. See here for information about Kansas, MO Is Full of Amusement Parks.

Blue Room Jazz Club

This spot carries the legacy of jazz music by playing ancient tunes to modern tunes. It features live jazz music weekly performed by both legendary artists and upcoming artists. It is just next to the American Jazz Museum, and for that reason, you can only imagine the scene around this area.

Mutual Musicians Foundation International

Singers and artists flock at Fountain on Fridays and Saturdays to entertain you. This event has been taking place since the 1930s, and you should never miss feeling the vibe of jazz music history with legendary performances to remember some of the ancient artists.

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