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Kansas City, MO Transport System

Modern Transport

Over time, Kansas City, MO, has received a modern makeover to its once ill-equipped transport system. These improvements include a recently completed renovation to the Grandview Triangle, which intersects the interstates 435 and 470 and U.S Route 71. The intersection was long known for its array of fatal accidents. The Metro Area Express (MAX), which is Kansas City’s first bus rapid transit line, was launched in July 2005 by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. The transit line connects the River MARKET, Downtown, Crown Center, and the Country Club Plaza. The KCATA continues to find efficient ways of expanding MAX so that it can serve a more significant portion of Kansas City. The completion of the two-mile streetcar line in downtown Kansas City in 2016 was the onset of considerable development in the city. A bill was passed that would further introduce a TDD that would expand the streetcar line a further 3.5 miles south to Citywide. Information can be found here.

Rail Projects

Increases of voter support for rail projects has continued to grow, leading to the construction of numerous light rail projects that are currently in the works. In 2017, the Kansas City, Missouri voters overwhelmingly showed their support for the Kansas City International Airport. The new single ultra-modern facility would replace the three preexisting ones. See here for information about Kansas City; Entertainment, Festivals and Winery.

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