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Kansas City Parks and Boulevard

The total existing area covered by parks and boulevards In Kansas City is estimated to be 132miles. There are a total of 214 urban parks, 49 ornamental fountains, ten community centres, 105 tennis courts and five museums plus other scenic attractions., most of these amenities are found across the city and have existed for over 100 years. The designated State Scenic Byway in Kansas City is the Cliff Drive in Kessler Park. It extends 4.27 miles (6.87 km) from The Paseo and Independence Avenue through Indian Mound on Gladstone Boulevard at Belmont Boulevard, with many historical points and architectural landmarks. Further facts about Kansas City, MO can be found here.

Wild Boulevards

Ward Parkway which is on the western side of the city is lined on both sides by some of the most prominent homes in the City. The Paseo in the north which was modelled after the famous Mexican boulevard “Paseo deal Reform” covers at least 19 miles through the city centre. Lastly, there is the Swope Park which is regarded as one of the nation’s largest parks covering an area twice the size of the New York Central Park. The park features a zoo, two golf courses, a woodland nature and wildlife rescue centre, an amphitheatre, two lakes and numerous exotic picnic grounds. Information about Kansas City, MO Civil Engineering Landmarks can be found here.

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