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Kansas, MO Is an Event Hub

Kansas hosts some of the best festivals and celebrations, from music and food to culture-themed you should never miss. The festivals take place all year long, with summer and spring having the most spectacular ones. The list of events is long, and your taste for a preferred festival to attend is all yours. Learn more facts here.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Kansas is known for its vast list of parade celebrations, but St. Patrick's Day parade is the most famous. This short-timed event attracts people from all corners of the world to taste different food, music, and enjoy the bands. Read about Top- Rated Fun Spots You Should Never Miss In Kansas, MO here.

American Rosyal World Series of Barbecue

Barbecue is the most famous food in town, and nearly all tongues have had a taste of this city's favorite dish. A special event is in town for you lasting for three days with a blend of music and live performance and all manner of barbecue you can eat.

National Celebrations

The city hosts some iconic yearly events to celebrate independence and memorial celebrations of the city's legends. Union Station is where to head to for these patriotic celebrations where free music, food, and spectacular military parades take place for you to enjoy.

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