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Lake Lotawana - A Small Town in the Heartland of Kansas City

Lake Lotawana, MO is a small town in Jackson County, Missouri and is located 35 minutes south of Kansas City along the edge of Blue Springs Park and Lake Ozark. The population has been estimated at just over one thousand people as of last year's census. It's part of the relatively small Kansas City metro area. The lake itself is also small in size with an average width of only two miles. The majority of residents live on the land around Lake Lotawana and around the park, but there are also those who are in the downtown area and surrounding areas who live nearby. There are also some homes near the lake owned by the lake itself. Visit this link for Kansas City, MO facts.

The name "Lucky Lake" came from the name of the town itself, which was originally "Lochkin's Locker". Today, most businesses and houses have a post office attached to them and a number of residents live off of their own land. Because there is not a lot of open land around, many residents use houses that are either mobile homes or cabins. There is also a lake house in the area called "The Lake House". Residents use their homes for storage purposes and they also use the house for fishing, boating, hiking, and shopping. It is a relatively small community that isn't too far from the big cities like Kansas City. Discover facts about Living in Lake Quivira.

When Lake Lotawana, MO was named as such, the town was actually a small settlement along the lake and it was first called "Lochkin's Locker". When it was established as a city, it didn't take long for people to notice that it was unique. The name stuck and it became a popular place to visit and live in the community. There are many lakeside attractions and parks located close by, including an amusement park that is run by a concessionaire that serves different attractions. For kids that come to enjoy the park. It's one of the biggest places in the area, and it attracts many families. Many residents have moved into this area over the years and they all say that it is home to some of the best quality homes in the area.

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