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Pleasant Valley - A Town Has known For Its Rich History

Pleasant Valley, MO is a town in Clay County, Missouri. The population in the last census was 2,912. It is within the Kansas City Metropolitan area. There are many restaurants and local businesses that cater to the different residents of Pleasant Valley. See more here.

Pleasant Valley has been home to people for a long time. The town was first started in 1857 and is now known as Pleasantville. The town was named after Charles Pleasant, who was one of the first settlers in the area. His family settled on what is now the south side of Pleasant Valley Road, which is today's Main Street. The road is named after the street that he originally built. It was one of the most traveled roads in the area and was where many Missourians would travel to Missouri to visit relatives. Discover facts about Randolph - Home to Many Types of Festivals.

Pleasant Valley is also known as an area popular with farmers and ranchers. This is due to the fact that it has the perfect combination of farmland, water, and beautiful scenery. Many farms in this area have been around for years. The location is also great because of the access to other Missouri towns and cities. It is close enough to other areas that make traveling convenient. People can go from one town to another easily and quickly. With all of the features and advantages of a town like Pleasant Valley, MO, it is no surprise that people have become interested in living there.

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