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Shawnee, MO is one of the newest cities to be established in Kansas City, Kansas. It was originally named Shawneetown, after a local Native American tribe that lived in the area at one point. Shawnee is a historical unincorporated community just north of Shannon County, in Shannon County, Missouri. The town was originally located on Little Shawneetown Creek, about two miles east of Eminence, on an elevation of about 825 ft. Information can be found here.

Currently, Shawnee, MO is the second-largest city in Shawneetown, Missouri, with a population of about twenty-four hundred people. As a new city, there are some important features that need to be considered before moving into Shawnee, MO. One of these is that there is not much housing in Shawnee, Missouri. This is mainly because there are so few residents in Shawnee, so little housing is required. There are two main areas in Shawneetown; The West Shawneetown and The East Shawneetown. Each area has a different number of residents. Discover facts about Activities in Stilwell.

Because Shawnee, MO has been newly established, it is not as well known as other areas in Kansas City, Kansas. As a new town, it still needs to make itself more prominent, but there are already many businesses in Shawneetown, Missouri which has expanded their business presence. The West Shawneetown area is home to several stores, as well as the Kinkos Center, an arena used for various events and sports. The East Shawneetown area is located just to the east of the West Shawneetown area. This area is home to a small shopping center, and a number of restaurants, as well as a small country club. This area has more residents than the West Shawneetown area, so it will need more housing and commercial development.

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