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The Hidden Beach Treasure in Kansas, MO

You can be surprised that there are beaches in Kansas despite being a long drive away from the coast. But you understand better what the work of human beings with a combination of nature can achieve. With its state reservoirs and lakes, Kansas has vast miles of shorelines for you to explore. Let us head to the beaches before winter arrives. Information can be found here.

Wilson State Park Beach

Wilson Lake is a beautiful lake in town with several recreational activities like hiking, water skiing, fishing, and boat riding. There is a sandy beach where you will not miss a taste of when you take a stroll around this enormous lake. See here for information about What You Need to Know About Kansas, MO.

Creek Park Beach

A new park in town that offers beach recreational activities. During summer, you can sit in the sun and enjoy the calm breeze from the lake. You can also relax at the cabanas and escape the intense sun during the day. Swimming beach, picnic shelters, and long miles of hiking trails are here.

Shawnee Mission Park

Now, this the park you head to for a total beach experience for you and your dog or cat. You can rent canoes and pedal boats, head to the water, and do whatever excites you. Make sure you are safe in whatever you choose to do.

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