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The High Cost of Losing Your Keys

Getting a car key replacement seems like having a new life on its own. Your car keys might disappear while you’ve kept them in your pocket or they find a way under your sofa cushions without you noticing it.

Sometimes, you’ll just discover that you couldn’t find them after several hours of searching. Oftentimes losing your keys can cost you dearly. Well, to get out such situations, you could head to a locksmith or your car dealership to help with your replacement by getting you a spare.

Nowadays, even auto thieves find it a bit challenging to steal cars owing to technology. The modern-day advanced technology has contributed significantly to the expensive cost of replacement of lost car keys. Here, we’ll look at the high cost of losing different varieties of car keys.

Basic Car Keys

If you could remember vividly over three decades ago, the basic car key is composed of a simple key. There grooves and cuts are significant components of the shank. Hence, you’ll find it easy to make spare copies of those kinds of keys. The locksmith will use a similar machine that he always use for other people to make copies of your own keys. Getting a replacement from the dealership will make them put the logo of the car manufacturer on the head of the key, and they’ll also increase the price a little.

Electronic keys

The basic car keys discussed earlier gives room for the electronic key fob that provides you the opportunity to open your lock from a bit far distance. These kinds of car keys function with the aid of a radio transmitter which unlocks the vehicle faster with the established level of frequency. Replacement of this kind of car key varies between $50 and $90.

Transponder Keys

The transponder chip has been in existence since 1995. Recently, it stepped up its game in the automobile world with the rapid advancement in technology. The chip which is always placed in the key tends to disarm the immobilizer, thus preventing the engine from working unless the correct key is inserted. The cost of replacing these kinds of keys is about $235 from the dealership while a locksmith could charge between $20 and $30 for replacement.

So, what can you do to avoid the high cost of losing your car keys?

Simple! You call the affordable locksmiths in Kansas! If you live in Kansas and are looking for affordable locksmith service, contact the hard working team at Keychain Locksmith in Kansas today.

All you have to do is call us at (816)354-0700 to get started!

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