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The Town of Loch Lloyd, Missouri

The village of Loch Lloyd, MO is a quaint little community-like town located on the southwest side of Cass County, Missouri, just north of the Kansas City metro area. The community was originally settled around the turn of the millennium. The population peaked at 600 at the last census. It incorporated on December 3, 2020. It is not considered to be a city by most, but rather a town. Loch Lloyd, MO is the county seat of Cass County and is also a member of the United States District Court. Find more information here.

Loch Lloyd, MO is located within the boundary of Somerset, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. The city was founded around a hundred years ago on what is now a lake in Somerset. In the later years, it was expanded, eventually resulting in a downtown area. There are now several shopping centers and restaurants on both sides of the lakes. The main business is based on tourism, but there are a few real estate developers who are making some money as well. The population is mostly older people who enjoy fishing, boating, water skiing, whitewater rafting, and outdoor activities that can be found all around. There are also a few businesses that offer residential services such as condos and apartments for rent. See here for information about Facts About Mission.

There are many ways to get to Loch Lloyd, MO. One of the main routes is the Sturgis County line highway and the other route is the Interstate highway 55/I-57. These highways run through this small community. When you arrive, you should be ready to spend a good time. You can walk, ride a bike, take a bus to nearby Kansas City, or rent a car and drive yourself around. You will find that the community has its own parks, playgrounds, libraries, and historical landmarks.

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