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Why Installing a New Keypad Door Lock in Kansas City, Missouri Can Protect Your Home

The Kansas City Missouri Police department has released some details about their new keypad door locks which they hope will help residents. In the last few years since Keypad Door Lock innovations have become more commonplace, criminals have learned how to work around and through them. This has made for a very difficult challenge for law enforcement because they now have a way of breaking in that many people have not been able to figure out how to answer. The department hopes that releasing some of this information will help individuals make the right choices in securing their homes. See more here.

The first thing to understand is what makes the keypad door lock so vulnerable to cracking or breaking open. The fact of the matter is that the lock has two separate circuits. One circuit goes to the home keypad and one circuit goes to the home's opener system. While the opener system is working, anyone can simply use a key to cut these two short and enter the home. See here for information about Facts About Keypad Door Lock in Kansas City, Missouri - Different Types of Locks.

The latest technology makes it even harder for them by installing a fingerprint scanner in the lock itself. With a simple fingerprint, you can determine who is entering your home and prevent them from having a keyless deadbolt installed in your home. If you've had a previously broken lock in your home, you can rest assured that there is a lock-in place somewhere that your criminals can break into. These days, with the technology available to protect our homes, we should all take advantage of it.

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