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Independence - A Town That Really Does Have It

Independence, Missouri is one of those small towns that many people would consider quaint or even quaintly quaint. While that is not wrong, Independence offers much more than a quaint atmosphere. People come here to get away from it all and enjoy the sights and sounds that are available. Whether you want to go on a bike tour of the countryside or hike a famous landmark or go fishing in a small river, Independence, MO offers something for everyone. Independence is also home to some of the most historic buildings in the country. The Truman Library and Museum are known for its exhibits detailing President Harry Truman's life and hometown glory. Learn more here.

In addition to the library, the museum also features a history of the community, and a look at the Presidential elections of 2020, as well as Obama's first term as president. You can also visit the National Civil Rights Museum of African-American History, if you so choose. In the community of Christ Temple, there is a visitors' center tracing the history of the area, while a large, historic barn is available for rental. There are also a number of small restaurants offering traditional American and Italian comfort foods. There is a small downtown, though, that is home to a number of restaurants, a few of which are open to the public. See here for information about Lake Lotawana - A Small Town in the Heartland of Kansas City.

Obama won Independence, Missouri easily in 2020 and will continue to be competitive in the city in 2020. Residents of the town were enthusiastic about Obama during his campaign, and a lot of the energy around Independence, MO is centered around Obama. Many local residents also hold a very positive attitude towards former First Lady Hillary Clinton. When the Democratic convention rolls into town next month, Independence, MO will be an excellent location for a political convention. Independence, MO is a small place, but that doesn't mean you have to spend all your time at home. There is plenty to do, both locally and on the world wide web.

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