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Raytown - A Historical Review

Raytown, MO is an affluent community located in Jackson County, Missouri. This city is an important part of the southwestern metropolitan area and is home to approximately 29,000 people. Raytown was established in 1875 and the entire town was named after James W. Ray. It is one of the poorest cities in the state of Missouri but has a thriving economy. In fact, Raytown's population has been steadily growing since the mid-1990s. More can be found here.

The main business center of Raytown, MO is the Kuauairaa Golf Course, a golf course that is located on a small island within the Mississippi River and sits about ten miles from downtown Raytown. The island is surrounded by residential areas that were developed in the early 1950s. Raytown MO has a wide variety of businesses in many industries including manufacturing, finance, and banking. Raytown MO has several grocery stores including a large Walmart Supercenter and multiple grocery chain stores such as Fresh Food Mart, Cabela's, and Stop and Go Foods. Raytown, MO is also home to a number of banks and credit unions which are all open twenty-four hours a day. There are also a number of restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, condos, and rental units available for rent or purchase. Learn more about River Bend - An Urban Town.

Raytown, MO is the third-largest city in Missouri. The city is situated on the southwest tip of Jackson County and is bordered on the west by Oakdale, Mo., and on the north by Clay County. It is bordered on the south and west by Ozark and Clay counties and on the east by Hancock County. The community of Raytown was incorporated in the year 1930. It was named after James W. Ray, who became a major figure in Kansas City's business community in the early part of the 1900s. This town was a pioneer suburb of Kansas City and remains one of the most affluent in this area. Raytown, MO is located in the heart of Jackson County and the largest city in the northern half of Missouri.

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