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Unity Village

Unity Village, MO is located in Jackson County, Missouri. The population was 97 in the 2020 census. It is part of the St Louis Metropolitan Community. The center is the headquarters for Unity Church, which is known for having over two thousand members. The church is known to be the largest Christian church in the area and it is often referred to as a spiritual hub. Learn more here.

The Unity Village area is located along the west bank of the Mississippi River. The river makes up most of the eastern boundary of the community. It is near the southern border of Missouri. It is also near the eastern boundary of the Springfield metropolitan area. It is approximately eight miles from the Missouri River in an area that is bordered by the Illinois and Kansas state lines. The city is on a peninsula facing the south in an area that slopes slightly toward downtown St. Louis. This means that there are numerous homes on the peninsula and a major portion of the downtown area is south of the river. Learn more about Belton - The Town That Doesn't Suffer From Unemployment.

The downtown area of Unity Village, MO is bordered by Washington Avenue to the north, Prospect Street to the south and North Michigan Avenue to the east. The northern border of the city includes the St. Louis Zoo on the south and the Midway Shopping Center on the north. The city is surrounded on three sides by the Missouri River and on three sides by the Mississippi River. The southern border of the city runs along the north side of the Mississippi River. The western border of the city is bordered by the south shore of the river. The west coast is bordered by the Illinois, Kansas, and Nebraska Railroad tracks and by the Mississippi State Line.

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