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What Are The Major Industries In Gladstone?

Gladstone, MO is an affluent suburban community in Clay County, Kansas, USA. It is situated only 10 miles from downtown Kansas City and 20 minutes away from the Kansas City International airport. According to the latest 2020 census, Gladstone's population is approximately 26,735. Gladstone's main industries include agriculture, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation. The most prominent business in the area is Johnson County, Kansas, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) JCS Consulting. More about Kansas City, MO can be seen here.

The population in Clay County is very close to that of Kentucky, one of America's largest agricultural states. There are many farmers' markets around the city, where residents can purchase locally produced goods and services. There are also various restaurants, bakeries, grocers, shopping centers, and shopping districts. There is no shortage of nightlife in the area either. It is a popular place for local musicians to play. There are several entertainment venues such as the Riverfront Park Amphitheater, the Riverfront Mall, and the Kansas Speedway. All of these places are home to live entertainment events as well. Information about Grandview - Home to Several Residents can be found here.

The economic health of the city of Gladstone has improved over the past few decades. There are numerous schools located throughout the entire city, with some of them offering private and public schools within their boundaries. There are also many parks that offer activities for children of all ages. With the high crime rates found in cities like Kansas, it is no wonder that there have been improvements made on how residents can live in Gladstone. People who choose to live in this affluent suburban community will find that it offers everything that they want in life.

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